Promote Me Pro Review

Promote Me Pro Review
Promote Me Pro Review and Bonus

Promote Me Pro Complete Review

Promote Me Pro Review Complete

Promote Me Pro’s Overview

Nowaday, Social Networking is now becoming an important part in almost people’s daily life. The amount of users is increasing every day with no sign of slowing down. Any Internet Marketers can realises this is a big chance for them to earn thousands of money. They know the power of Social Marketing and started to build their Social Campaign. But unfortunately, it’s not easy as talking, to build any social marketing campagin, they’ll have to go through many process of manual working and only extremely diligent person can build a success campaign.

Understand those hard works, Sean Donahoe has been working very hard for several months to create a new product, which can help everybody building any Social Marketing campaigns without problem. Sean Donahoe is also known as one of the best experts in the Internet Marketing Industry, he’s very smart and talent. Sean has been created many successful products that bring to him many huge profits in recent years.
 Promote Me Pro
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Launching on May 27th at 12 AM EST, Promote Me Pro is the newest product created by Sean Donahoe. It’s a product that automate the process of building Social Marketing campaign for anyone. This product has been testing, tweaking with many good social strategies and wrapped up in only one single Wordpress plugin. It applies all these powerful social media strategies so that it can create many huge social media presences on the Internet.

Promote Me Pro’s Creator – Sean Donahoe

Known as an author, motivational speaker, coach, trainer, web guru and a success product creator. Sean is a very talent man and an expert in multi-Internet Marketing fields. To be very successful like present, Sean had to go through many levels of training and working very hard in the past. He started to build his success by writing reports and promoting them on Warrior Forum, he tried to leverage his skills in these above varies fields day by day. Time goes by, Sean created many successful product and everybody started to remember his name. Sean is now become one of the leadings in Internet Marketing Industry, he is also known as the Maniac Marketer on the popular forums.

 Promote Me Pro Sean Donahoe

Besides that, Sean's also has been loved by many people. Here's some testimonial about Sean Donahoe:

 Promote Me Pro Testimonial
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Promote Me Pro’s Complete Features

Promote Me Pro provides many benefits to users from traffic, local business, to Search Engine Optimization.
With traffic, Promote Me Pro help users get rid of the manual works when doing social marketing for their business:

  • Create FULLY AUTOMATED Social Media campaigns in SECONDS
  • Post To MULTIPLE accounts in the same network
  • Drive FLOODS of LASER-TARGETED Traffic to user’s site.
  • Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ & PInterest
  • Generate INSTANT Trust and Authority with user’s customers
  • Capture and DOMINATE all user’s target markets
  • CRUSH Social Networks with user’s permanent presence
  • MAXIMIZE user’s Profits through the power of Social Marketing

For Local Business, Promote Me Pro help users create leads from their local social marketing efforts automatically. It can boost local leads by 115% easily. Finally, about SEO, since Google began including social signal in their algorithms. Social SEO is now become very important in any SEO campaigns. And, Promote Me Pro has created a new turning point in doing Social SEO. You can read complete features of Promote Me Pro through this link.

    Promote Me Pro’s Disadvantage

    With all these awesome features, Promote Me Pro promises to become another success product for Sean Donahoe. But unfortunately, nothing is perfect including this product as well. Promote Me Pro really has some cons that Sean Donahoe doesn't tell you about:

    • First and foremost, anyone who wants to buy Promote Me Pro needs to have a specific knowledge about Internet Marketig or at least about Building Websites. Many people buy products without knowing about the product they're buying, they don't have any knowledge about the niche or what the product offers to them. They're just buying without considering. So, you need to consider if you can handle Promote Me Pro: Do you have a Wordpress website to install the plugin? Can you install a plugin?
    • Second, Promote Me Pro is only a tool that helps you to accelerate your process of building Social Campaign. So, don't think it can handle everything for you and you don't have to do anything. It's not GOD, it's just a tool, please understand that first.

    Insider Sneak Peak Video – Plugin Demo

    Here's a video of Sean which will show you everything inside this plugin. You can see how powerful this plugin and what it can do for you.


    Maybe Promote Me Pro isn't a perfect product in the InternetMarket history, but as I think it's a good and worthy product to try. You can't deny that Sean Donahoe is a great expert with many successful products. You can't deny that Promote Me Pro has all the abilities to become a great success product this year. If you find a legend product, Promote Me Pro is not what you looking for. But if you find a great product that brings value to your site, Promote Me Pro is what you need

    Now, you need to decide for yourself: Stand aside and see others success or Grab this opportunity and kick some ass?

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